Einstein On The Lake

A Summer Tale
Did the great physicist hide his most secret papers at the bottom of Lake Templin before fleeing from Germany?

Originally the Berlin Senate had intended to give the lovely house on the lake to the world famous physicist and noble prize winner as a present for his fiftieth birthday. But, as we know, things turned out rather differently and Einstein only stayed in Caputh from 1926 until 1933, before he left for America.

Seventy years later the rather eccentric young lawyer Anselm Stöckl comes up with an apparently preposterous idea: perhaps Einstein had hidden his most secret documents in Lake Templin. With his wife Gesine and his best friend – who tells the story – Anselm rigs up an old sailing boat, and they spend a long hot summer searching for the priceless scientific documents.

One woman and two men living in a very confined space – it’s not that hard to imagine what happens …


dtv Literatur
160 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24427-5
1. März 2005
Rights sold: Turkey, Taiwan