Body Intelligence

What you need to know to stay young
How to stay young – even if you’re growing old!

When do you start growing old? At 30? At 50? At 70? Or even later? According to scientists, there’s no hard and fast rule. Countless scientific studies leave us in no doubt that our lifestyle has a major influence on how youthful and energetic we will be in later life.

In this guide to everlasting health, Marianne Koch makes use of the latest research to introduce a multitude of techniques for remaining youthful and mentally alert. She shares with us a wealth of practical hints and tips. Her unmistakeable tone and rich prose style enable her to convey better than almost anyone else the »intelligent« way to age, how to treat your mind, body and soul wisely, so that energy and quality of life are retained into a ripe old age. Press acclaim:
A hands-on guidebook, refreshingly written and based on sound scientific evidence without being overly academic.
- Prisma


dtv Ratgeber
280 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24366-7
8. Auflage 2011
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