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The Plague Merchant

Love, murder, intrigue - and the Black Death

Pirna, 1532. When barber Valentin returns home after seven years as a journeyman, the Plague is raging through Pirna. Right after his arrival, he witnesses his brother Conrad, who is also a barber, list the Plague as the cause of death for merchant Eckel - a deliberate misdiagnosis that Valentin recognizes immediately. As it turns out, Conrad has been having an affair with the dead man’s young, attractive widow. When it becomes public knowledge that Eckel was murdered, and when another man with whom Conrad was in conflict dies violently, Conrad is arrested and then sentenced to death. But the Plague slows down the arrival of the executioner - a valuable delay that allows Valentin to try to prove his brother’s innocence.

• For fans of Oliver Pötzsch’s Hangman’s Daughter saga
• Professionally designed inside flaps with a map of historical Pirna
• With a list of characters, glossary and afterword about the historical background of the novel


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
512 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21955-6
20. August 2021