The Forgotten

Dresden 1948: a hot summer, three years after the end of the war. The great currency reform throws occupied and divided post-war Germany into a crisis. In the midst of the arduous reconstruction work, Detective Inspector Max Heller finds himself entangled in a case involving a fourteen-year-old boy, whose cause of death is anything but clear. While investigating this case, Heller runs up against a wall of silence.

“Heller suspected that he wouldn’t be able to sleep. There was something inside of him that he had almost forgotten.”

- The crime series about Max Heller spans the period of time between the end of the war to the construction of the Berlin Wall.

“I didn’t just read. I had the feeling that I was SEEING what I was reading… Simply unbelievable - a true marvel that very few authors are able to achieve.” inchen84, Blogger

Volume: 3


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
384 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21811-5
20. September 2019