Death at the Vineyard

A Crime & Wine Novel

Swimming, sailing, surfing, drinking wine: all this and more are the joys of a holiday on the shores of Lake Neusiedel in Austria. But the translator Carl Breitenbach, despite being married to Johanna, a keen windsurfer, is nevertheless only interested in one thing: meeting Maria Sandhofer again, who he fell in love with a few weeks ago at a wine-tasting. Immediately after their reunion there is a tragic accident: the vineyard owner falls to her death in her wine cellars. Breitenbach suspects murder, for at the time of the incident he noticed a suspicious character disappearing furtively from the vineyard. The translator who is generally rather unworldly now does everything in his power to solve the murder under his own steam. And once Johanna finds out about his amorous intentions, she dedicates herself exclusively to her surfing instructor and there’s one marital quarrel after another. So he really is left entirely to his own devices in his hunt for the murderer ...


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
400 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21697-5
4. August 2017